Leadership/Hall-of Fame/Volunteer Banquet

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2015 Banquet is Thursday April 9, 2015 / 6pm at Wild Oaks
For info contact the Chamber office 218-346-7710
Cost: $25 for meal and presentation
Recipients are selected for three different leadership awards by the Perham Area Chamber of Commerce, and the public is invited to a banquet honoring these award winners.
Family, friends, and any interested person is invited/encouraged to the banquet honoring these recipients at Wild Oaks. Cost is $25, and will include a sit-down meal featuring chicken. Pre-registration is encouraged to help make the evening run smoother. (The doors will be opened for free admission after the meal for people who are unable to attend the meal.) Contact Emily at the Perham Area Chamber of Commerce, 346-7710 for ticket/registration.

Three recipients were named for Leadership, Hall of Fame, and Volunteer Awards at a banquet on April 24th, 2014. Recipients include:

Volunteer of the Year Award is being presented to Cindy Olson for the Community Outreach Ministry she has coordinated for the past 13 years, in conjunction with Calvary Lutheran Church. It’s designed to help people in need.  Food, clothing, furniture, household items. The seed for the mission was planted years ago when Cindy did home visits for special needs kids, and met a family who had basically no furniture. She scrounged some up, and the mission has grown from there. It’s coordinated with churches, social agencies, Rewind, Someplace Safe and others. The outreach has touched hundreds of families over the years.

Hall of Fame Award is being presented to Lisa Peterson for her work with Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society. The event was initiated in Perham many years ago by Lisa’s parents Ron and Dee Anderson. Lisa has stepped to the forefront and has chaired the Relay for Life event in recent years. It continues to be a very robust event, a gathering to honor cancer survivors, and help raise funds to help victims and continue cancer research.

Leadership Award is being presented to Doug and Sue Huebsch for their involvement in several different ventures/organizations. They are the owners or co-owners of New Life Farms for about 12 years, the Wild Goose (1997) and the Goose Gang (2013). Both are highly involved in the business community as well as public service. Sue has been on the school board for the past 3 years, and Doug has been on Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners for 7 years.

Congratulations to these recipients, and thank you for all you do in our community!

Volunteer Award

Leadership Award Hall of Fame
2014 - Cindy Olson 2014 - Doug and Sue Huebsch 2014 - Lisa Peterson
2013 - Lynette Grismer, Catherine Drahman 2013 - Jeff Morris  2013 - Jill Shipman


2012 - Dave Cresap, & Perham Health Directors

2011 - Nick Theroux

2012 - Pastor Tom Mitchell

2011 - Ken Nelson

  2010 - Dennis Happel, Rev. Phil Holtan 2010 - Allen Arvig
  2009 - Echo Dockter, Jenny Caughey 2009 - Russ Bunker, Gina Cavanagh
  2008 - Honor Flight Project Fundraisers 2008 - Bob Louiseau,
 Jerome Boedigheimer
  2007 - Fred Sailer 2007 - Kevin Kosiak
  2006 - Charlie Fleck 2006 - Bob Perry,
          Mary Thomas
  2005 - Angel of Hope Committee 2005 - Sherman Mandt
  2004 - Chuck Hofius 2004 - Dale Wright,
           Net Kepferschmid,
           Bonnie & Del Stohs
  2003 - Gary Ebeling 2003 - Sherryl Holzer, Bill Parks, Katheryn Perszyk,
Larry Kempernich, Arnie
  2002 - Jim Hammers
Jean Johnson
2002 - Bob Kinlund,
          Arnie Thompson
  2001 - Carl Analora 2001 - Kathy Hemmelgarn,
Lawrence & MariAnn Guck,
Ron & Dee Anderson
  2000 - Dennis Drummond 2000 - George Kupferschmid,
Leona Rothiger,Paul Miller,
Delores Wasche, Mary
  1999 - Lina Belar 1999 - Bernard Palubicki,
John Knight, Palmer Pederson
Clarence Boedigheimer
  1998 - Marlin Zitzow 1998 - Denzil Cooper, Eleanor Arvig, Don Olson
  1997 - Les Gunderson 1997 - M.J. Daly, Ed Ebeling,
          Catherine Drahmann
  1996 - Alan Krueger
Dennis Happel
1996 - Ernie Kollar, Charlie Olson, Al Schoeneberger
  1995 - Jane Aschnewitz 1995 - Al Bretz, Ed Bauck,
          The Franciscan Sisters
  1994 - Doug Eckes 1994 - Mac Tobkin, Royal Arvig, George Bauck, Art Carow,
Verona Larson
  1993 - Jack Cavanagh  


1992 - Bill Bauck  
  1991 - Terry Karkela  
  1990 - Fred Huebsch,
Sherman Mandt
  1989 - Tom Meinhover  
  1988 - Ken Nelson  
  1987 - Allen Arvig  
  1986 - Tuffy Nelson  
  1985 - Don Swenson