Marketing Opportunities

Marketing has become a large part of what we do, and we are happy to help spread the word about our member businesses. Here are a few of the different marketing opportunities we have available. 

Monthly E-Newsletter - Our monthly newsletter is sent out on the first Thursday of each month. It is full of event information and the happenings around the area. Businesses are encouraged to send updates on exciting news for their business. If you'd like to receive our monthly newsletter, please let us know!

Brochure Distribution - Our front lobby area is open 24/7 with information available to the public. All members are allowed to distribute information or post fliers in this area. There is also space inside the office for member business cards and brochures. Visitors (and locals!) are constantly coming through looking for business information or things to do. Having your information readily available is highly encouraged! 

Business Directory - We have an updated business directory on our website, which only includes our Chamber members. When people are actively searching for a business of any sort, is one of the first places they go. Don't miss out on a valuable opportunity - you just have to be a member! 

Business Referrals - When we get calls or walk-ins about what to do or who to contact, we refer our members. 

Coupon Book of Values - We work in conjunction with the Perham Focus to provide a coupon book for participating retailers. The Perham Focus sells and prints the book, and then we go to work distributing it to area events, businesses, and in our lobby which is open 24/7.

Holiday Dollars - This program encourages holiday shopping in Perham from November to December. By raising funds, we are able to sell Holiday Dollars for 80% of a regular dollar. Customers purchase in increments of $100, and it only ends up costing them $80.

Perham Bucks - We want to encourage our locals and visitors to spend their money in Perham. With the Perham Bucks program, we do just that. They are accepted at most businesses in the area and are treated just like cash. Anyone can purchase Perham Bucks for any reason. They make great gifts for family, friends, or employees! 

Vacation Guide - Almost every city or tourist community has a vacation guide of some sort letting visitors know what is available in their area. Our guide is full of information about things to do in our area, as well as events and business information. Only our member businesses are part of the business directory in the publication. We print around 10,000 of the guides each year, and they are distributed around the state. We are even in the Minneapolis Airport and the Mall of America!

Website Advertising - We have a number of advertising opportunities available on our site. Our members are the only ones allowed to advertise on our website, and we encourage all members to take advantage of it. We get over 100,000 views each year, which could translate even more traffic to your business. 

For more information about any of these opportunities, please let us know. We are happy to have a conversation with you about our marketing opportunities or membership!